The Dior fashion house has launched the brand’s first limited loungewear collection and talking about that Chez Moi pop-up store was also recently opened in Soho NY.

The pop-up boutique is absolutely gorgeous decorated with a tropical-inspired pattern in blue and white and palm trees. 

In French words, the Chez Moi celestial print features a toile de Jouy (a fabric of cotton or linen, usually white or off-white printed in a contrasting color with scenes of landscapes especially from the 18th-century).

The collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri illustrates patterned pieces that remind high-end porcelain, featuring zodiac images reimagined by Pietro Ruffo, a contemporary Italian artist. 

To better describe, the French prints also include a world map of heaven and earth, continents and constellations, as well as fauna and flora.

The loungewear collection features pajama sets, bathrobes, and ponchos complemented by dresses, shorts, shoes, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry. 

Already available at the pop-up boutique and also online the Chez Moi collection can be purchased till March 19, 2021, or worldwide followed by new openings.