Meet the Coachies

The Coachies!

The latest limited bag collection from the fashion house Coach is composed of handbags and accessories full of personality.

The latest limited collection from the fashion house Coach was presented with handbags and accessories full of personality.

Each piece is embellished, animated, and accessorized with charms making cute little faces named Dreamie, Sweetie, Sparkie, Winkie, and Groovie – The Coachies.

The playful and fun line is composed of cardholders and cross-body handbags, all made of organic and sustainable material.

If you like to be in the spotlight these accessories are just perfect to bring you all the attention.

See a glimpse of the Coachies with courtesy images and shop the accessories through the e-boutique.



Just in time for another season—Hermès Beauty has launched a new lip line with fruity summer-colors.

With a variety of shades from coral, to peach, rouge, pink and rose, the new lip line is made with natural ingredients.

The collection was developed with a unique formula to boost hydration offering special scents to match each color.

To add more vibrancy to the product the lips are beautifully packed in a sleek clear glass bottle to feature each color, making easy to choose your favorite summer shade!

For perfect glossy lips Shop Hermès Beauty’s Hermèsistible Infused Lip Care Oil here.

Balmain Hair Care & Accessories

Hair Care and Accessories for the Season!

Balmain has launched a special hair care and accessories for Spring/Summer inspired by the catwalk creations.

The limited edition collection is part of Balmain Hair Couture composed of accessories as hair band covered with leather, as well as clips and buckles made of premium Italian acetate, decorated with the B monogram in 18 carat gold.

In addition to hair accessories the line comes with a set of hair treatments in regular and travel size, also an adorable cosmetic bag featuring a duo of the best-selling products: the Moisturizing Hair Styling  and the Salt Spray among other summer set treatments.

To learn more about Balmain Hair care visit the e-boutique and indulge yourself with the best in hair treatments and accessories for this season.

Spring Editor's Choice

Choose your style and all things pretty for the Spring season anytime you want to make that fashion statement with the designers fashionistas are obsessed about it!

Holiday Last Call!

Holiday Most Wanted

Most Wanted Accessories

Most Wanted Accessories

Hey posh readers, are you searching for the best accessory for the season or feeling like spoiling yourself before the holidays?

 If so, here is what we have for this week: a selection of enchanting accessories from dream-worthy designers.

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Gucci Latest Addition

Gucci Latest Addition

Hello posh readers, we are ready for the weekend with Gucci Beauty vibes!

The fashion house has revealed a brand new cushion foundation called Dubbed Cushion de Beaute available in beautiful shades.

It is a lightweight foundation with a luminous finish protecting skin from harmful rays, made with oil and mineral powder that provides good hydration all day.

A floral packaging case in a pastel pink shade with flowers is the ultimate Gucci retro look and we are all for the vintage style!

The Cushion de Beaute is part of  Gucci’s make-up line composed of face, lip, eye, and nail lacquer products illustrated in our media gallery.

The cushion foundation is already available online at Selfridges and will be soon worldwide.

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Fashion Living by D&G

Fashion Living by D&G

The creative Italian fashion house is now bringing their designs into your house and here is what we know about it.

Dolce & Gabbana has collaborated with Luxury Living putting their talent into Home Decor and furniture, inspired by their traditional Italian style fatto a mano (homemade).

According to a source the brand presented to VIP guests during the weekend in Venice, a glimpse of their first Home Collection with unique colorful designs blending Mediterranean and exotic styles.

The Home line is composed of seating, cabinets and accessories featuring their iconic Italian motifs and patterns with hand painted Sicilian ceramics, Murano glass, precious velvet covers and lush brocades to name a few of the art works.

The collection will be available in Dolce&Gabbana stores worldwide and online.

For now, see courtesy images from the press in our media gallery and enjoy the CASA Italiana Home Decor by Dolce & Gabbana!

The NU Collection - YSL

The NU Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has just launched a new generation of products created with natural, organic and dermatological ingredients, described as a blend of makeup and skincare.

The Nu collection is composed of five products created to enhance the user’s unique beauty, with a clean formula and sustainable packaging.

Dedicated to Gen Z, the beauty line is less expensive than a typical YSL luxury product, making the collection very affordable compared to its benefits.

Perfect for all skin types, the collection promises to keep skin hydrated and fresh with a beautiful glow all day long.

Here is the preview: Nu Bare Look Tint with buildable coverage for a fresh texture; Nu Glow in Balm, a priming moisturizer to achieve skin glow; Nu Blotting Lotion, controls shine and pores; Nu Dewy Mist, a daily spray to plump and hydrate. Completing the collection, the Nu Tone Corrector  improves skin redness and pigmentation.

To discover more about the beauty line check the illustrations and shop online.

Barilla Bag - Voila!

Barilla Bag - Voila!

It is dinner time Posh-readers!

Not quite, but I can see fashionistas on duty blinking their eyes at this trend.

From a pasta box to a pasta handbag, now you can take Barilla to match your outfit!

Barilla What? Sounds funny, but, I would say creative!


The latest it-bag was created by designer Nik Bentel during the lockdowns when he and most of the people were cooking home, and inspiration turned his pasta into profit!

Made from leather with a soft handle and a gold chain the miniature handbag has an identical print of the Barilla box and was on sale at the designer’s website priced at $199.

Not for too long, the launch was a limited edition and the bag is already sold out, but let’s keep hoping more of the designer’s inspirations will be available soon.

Just for illustration, I posted some courtesy images in our gallery. If you enjoyed and want to see similar accessories hit the shop button above!