The NU Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has just launched a new generation of products created with natural, organic and dermatological ingredients, described as a blend of makeup and skincare.

The Nu collection is composed of five products created to enhance the user’s unique beauty, with a clean formula and sustainable packaging.

Dedicated to Gen Z, the beauty line is less expensive than a typical YSL luxury product, making the collection very affordable compared to its benefits.

Perfect for all skin types, the collection promises to keep skin hydrated and fresh with a beautiful glow all day long.

Here is the preview: Nu Bare Look Tint with buildable coverage for a fresh texture; Nu Glow in Balm, a priming moisturizer to achieve skin glow; Nu Blotting Lotion, controls shine and pores; Nu Dewy Mist, a daily spray to plump and hydrate. Completing the collection, the Nu Tone Corrector  improves skin redness and pigmentation.

To discover more about the beauty line check the illustrations and shop online.