Clarins Rejuvenating Treatments

The Clarins Double Serum* is a complete age control for all skin types that work on hydration, nutrition, regeneration, protection, helping your skin to look good and radiant. 

As a complete age control, with innovative dual technology, the product combines the most powerful plant extracts, water, and oil soluble to ensure a perfect affinity with your skin, for perfect results.

The Ingredients are Turmeric, known for its anti-aging properties, Orthosiphon extract that helps improve skin texture, Oat sugars to firm and lift and Callicarpa extract to revive skin radiance.

In addition to the serum, the French cosmetic brand offers a complete line of skincare that can be combined with other rejuvenation treatments.

As a pioneer in the cosmetic industry, Clarins offers a solution for every skin type, age, and condition with products that deliver instant, visible results. 

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