The Alchemist Garden by Gucci

Gucci luxury fashion house has launched their latest fragrance called “The Alchemist Garden”  an apothecary style collection, featuring scented waters and perfumed oils, each with different Gucci scents in 48 combinations.

The Alchemist’s Garden is composed of Oud, amber, violet, iris, mimosa, rose and woods. “Each fragrance is inspired by memories,” said the perfumer Alberto Morillas who created the collection – “From a walk in the forest, a tour in the center of Rome when the mimosa is in bloom, the purity of the rose just before its harvest in the field… Just play with the scent to find your favourite, as an alchemist would work to find the gold formula.”

The fragrances are packed and inspired by the Italian Farmacia and printed with tiny flowers.

See images of the campaign shot by Colin Dodgson in our media gallery and to learn more about Gucci garden fragrances visit your favorite beauty boutique.

Courtesy Images