The Power Of Pop Colors!

GIVENCHY BEAUTY Is ready for summer with The Power of Color Spring 2019 capsule collection, a limited-edition inspired by the vibrancy of nature and playful colors.

The collection is composed of pop colors, ranging from oranges to reds, bold pinks, and powerful duos of blue and green.

Power Of Colour contains a selection of longlasting and easy to use face, eye and lip products that will get you a summer fresh look.

Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or refresh for the season, this collection will make the perfect accessory while ensuring that your look is all made with GIVENCHY’s luxurious stamp!

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Valmont Purity Collection

Valmont is a prestigious brand created by Swiss biologists and cosmetologists to combat the aging of the skin through the most advanced technology using DNA and RNA.

The cosmetic brand offers the utmost anti-aging products with visible long-lasting efficacy, based on pure plant extracts, which are the key ingredient used for its unique hydration formula, regeneration, and cellular reactivation properties.

Valmont also offers a full array of treatments that can be customized for all type of skin.

The company has been around since 1985 and has made a name for itself by fusing the finest ingredients with science and natural resources to combat visible signs of aging.

Discover more about Valmont products by visiting your favorite beauty shop!