Dior Beauty has recently launched its Spring 2019 makeup collection called Lolli’glow.

The beauty line was specially designed and created by Peter Phillips, Dior’s Creative Director, celebrating the art of color and its contrasts of pop and pastels.

Composed of candy colors (yellow vanilla, cherry, pistachio, rose and baby blue) to match the warm sunny season, the collection features eyeshadow palette called 5 COULEURS LOLLI’GLOW with the addition of two limited-colors: ‘Sugar Shade’ and ‘Mello Shade’.

DIORSKIN NUDE LUMINIZER LOLLI’GLOW comes in a new nude shade, also limited edition to match the bright-toned lipsticks called DOUBLE ROUGE LOLLI’GLOW and ROSY GLOW LOLLI’GLOW.

The nail polish TUTTI-FRUTTI and POPSICLE candy colors are included in the collection, as well as mascara and eyeliners, everything luxuriously packed in celebration of the new Season.

See Images of the campaign in our media gallery along with the video companion to learn more about the ‘Lolli Glow’ Color Games!