Dior  "New Look"

New Look” is how the French luxury house started the New Year, keeping the same high-quality beauty products with a whole new gorge look!

Inspired by the brand’s first runway show, Dior is bringing back to the new line a nostalgic eye palette with shades of brown, pink, and lavender, with matte, pearly, shiny, and metallic finishes.

The signature fragrances are also being featured in the new collection, “Gris Dior,” “Lucky” and “Jasmin Des Anges” — packed in a delicate and elegant checkered print.

To complement the New Look collection, a set of makeup essentials and lipstick was designed by the creative director Peter Phillips.

Now, if you are curious to learn more about the new beauty products, see courtesy images in our media gallery and browse through the e-boutique for more Dior delights!