Molecular Cosmetics

If you are looking to start a new skincare regime with highly effective ingredients, check this beauty editor’s favorite molecular cosmetic – a process that uses the body’s own proteins to promote skin rejuvenation.

Based on hydration and glow Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare known as molecular cosmetics offers a variety of products that are developed with the most sophisticated formulas. 

The line combines unique and innovative natural ingredients with products that are part of a high-quality-skincare regime dedicated to skin hydration, protection, and regeneration.

Available as serums, creams, and beauty sets, the Sturm cosmetic line can be found online at your favorite beauty shop!

Dior Chez Moi Parfait

The Dior fashion house has launched the brand’s first limited loungewear collection and talking about that Chez Moi pop-up store was also recently opened in Soho NY.

The pop-up boutique is absolutely gorgeous decorated with a tropical-inspired pattern in blue and white and palm trees. 

In French words, the Chez Moi celestial print features a toile de Jouy (a fabric of cotton or linen, usually white or off-white printed in a contrasting color with scenes of landscapes especially from the 18th-century).

The collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri illustrates patterned pieces that remind high-end porcelain, featuring zodiac images reimagined by Pietro Ruffo, a contemporary Italian artist. 

To better describe, the French prints also include a world map of heaven and earth, continents and constellations, as well as fauna and flora.

The loungewear collection features pajama sets, bathrobes, and ponchos complemented by dresses, shorts, shoes, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry. 

Already available at the pop-up boutique and also online the Chez Moi collection can be purchased till March 19, 2021, or worldwide followed by new openings.

Les Fleurs de Chanel

Chanel has recently released the Spring/Summer beauty collection Les Fleurs de Chanel, created by Lucia Pica and inspired by natural elements as plants and flowers. 

The beauty line features the luminosity of colors combining warm and cool with metallic tones, resulting in a fresh glow effect that is perfect for day and night.

The collection is composed of dual-tone blush, eyeshadow ombre palette, mascara to add a touch of volume on your lashes, lips with shimmering, matte, shiny, or metallic finishes, and to complement the gorgeous look Le Vernis in soft peach or intense raspberry because the season is all about fruity colors.

Already available for purchases at the beauty counters or your favorite e-shop, Les Fleurs De Chanel is promising to be the season’s beauty buy!

Accessory Lookbook

When it comes to accessorizing an outfit, whether you’re vacationing or just hanging around, a nice pair of sunglasses, a hat, or even a simple scarf can complement any look.

To prove this point, we have selected the season’s coolest accessory trends from sunglasses, handbags, and jewelry to mix and match any piece you already have in your closet.

Shop the best accessories from our special selection and enjoy the season’s discounts!

Chantecaille Essentials

Chantecaille is a luxury skincare, makeup, and fragrance beauty brand that is known for its powerful and natural botanical formulas. 

The French brand creates products based on environmental awareness, free of chemicals, or synthetic colors.

With advanced technologies and natural ingredients, Chantecaille offers a variety of beauty products dedicated to nourish and protect your skin.

The cosmetic brand has been recommended by dermatologists and was recently featured in the most prestigious beauty magazines with the best skin product to protect against the Blue Light from computers and cell phones, leading to skin aging.

To learn more about Chantecaille skincare and beauty collections check our gallery below with our favorite Holiday essentials!



Twisted Shapes

Sculptor David Yurman founded the luxury jewelry house in the ’80s with architectural yet flexible shapes, presented as a work of art.

Each creation is sketched by the designer and crafted with the finest metals and rare gemstones.

The Signature Collection features colored precious stones with contemporary designs bringing a new level of sophistication.

David Yurman’s jewelry is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, as well as, a reward for your own accomplishments.

See a glimpse of the fine jewelry with courtesy images in our gallery and shop the iconic signature collection online

Art Work Creations

Italian luxury label Leo Camerini has created its latest handbag collection featuring unique pieces with exotic crocodile leather, peacock feather embellishment, and crystals all finished with gold hardware.

Described as elegant and practical the Italian brand designs bags with sleek silhouettes and contemporary style that stands for quality and authenticity.

With customized designs and exotic leathers, the Atelier artisans also use a technique that combines colors, light, and shadow creating unique compositions.

According to the Italian designer Leo Camerini, the inspiration to make such pieces of art comes from the idea of embodying charisma and confidence through an object of desire.

To learn more about Leo Camerini handbag creations check their website.

To find similar pieces and inspirations browse through the e-boutique and indulge yourself this season!

Guerlain Holiday

Guerlain beauty house has launched the Golden Bee Collection for Holiday 2020 featuring the little golden bee on its package, which is the symbol of the house since its first fragrance launch.

The collection is presented in a limited edition and is composed of an eyeshadow palette with an ultra-thin case, the famous meteorites for a skin glow, the Terracotta powder with golden shine, also the Rouge G lipstick in luxurious package and colors.

The beauty line is very festive with elegant pieces making a perfect gift to add to your shopping list this season!

To learn more about the collection see the images below and check the products already available to purchase at the e-boutique.

Gucci Holiday

Inspired by the ’90s the Gucci Holiday Guide it’s all about the Disco retro vibe celebrating the season spirit with lots of glitter and pastel colors.

The accessories are our favorite pieces so we decided to select the most relevant from their recent campaign and put them all together in our library to get you inspired for the holidays!

From handbags to jewelry, scarves, fragrances, makeup, and hair accessories, Gucci Holiday Collection has them all and ready-to-purchase online from our favorite e-boutique.

See Gucci courtesy images in our virtual magazine and get inspired by the vintage feel to sparkle through the season!

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