Meet the Coachies

The Coachies!

The latest limited bag collection from the fashion house Coach is composed of handbags and accessories full of personality.

The latest limited collection from the fashion house Coach was presented with handbags and accessories full of personality.

Each piece is embellished, animated, and accessorized with charms making cute little faces named Dreamie, Sweetie, Sparkie, Winkie, and Groovie – The Coachies.

The playful and fun line is composed of cardholders and cross-body handbags, all made of organic and sustainable material.

If you like to be in the spotlight these accessories are just perfect to bring you all the attention.

See a glimpse of the Coachies with courtesy images and shop the accessories through the e-boutique.

Arm Candy Favorites

Arm Candy Favorites

A new month, another week and the summer season is perfect for good vibes and great accessories!

Today we got a selection of arm candy bags seating pretty right on your screen ready to ship to your door to match any outfit.

What we like most about these pieces is the versatility. Whether you are on business occasion or just out and about, you can wear them basically with everything.

Check our favorite handbags after the jump and indulge yourself with authentic international brands through the e-boutique!

Nordstrom Sale - Get the Scoop!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Get The Scoop!

Hello posh readers, we are back for the Summer Home Edit and to remind you about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last call!

This week is your chance to purchase amazing deals from Nordstrom and other favorites you may be obsessed about it.

The sale ends this week so this is your chance to enjoy over thousands of discounts on everything from the bestselling home products with the hottest deals selling out fast.

Check a glimpse of the home guide, as well as everything you need to shop from Nordstrom Anniversary sale and more e-tailers!

Glitzy & Glam!

Glitzy & Glam!

Hey posh readers, today we are going to feature Mach&Mach, a brand known for its signature pumps, (cinderella style) that also makes gorgeous clothing lines, and cute accessories.

The fashion brand was founded in 2012 by the sisters: Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili, designing dazzling and glitzy pieces embellished with delicate crystals with glamorous style.

The signature designs include — crystal bow pumps, glittery dresses, embellished handbags, and vintage necklaces indulging the “90s” with tasteful contemporary style and a touch of glamour.

To illustrate the brand we have selected a few pieces from the womenswear collection and accessories already available online!

The Monogram Trend


Monogram Pattern

Hey posh readers we are seeing a growing trend in fashion accessories featuring monograms and today we got our eyes in one of our favorite brands!

The GG Monogram over canvas was recently presented by luxury house GUCCI decorating tables, walls, and cakes, as well as a convertible car, along with all the coveted pieces through the latest campaign.

The images were captured by fashion photographer Max Siedentopf, featuring modern accessories with classic sophistication, highlighting the GG monogram all over the scenes, blending everything from the floor to the ceiling with the signature pattern.

See a  glimpse of the Monogram GUCCI collection with courtesy images in our media gallery and discover more items at the e-boutique.

Ultimate Accessories

The accessories you want for the season!

Hey, posh readers, it’s been a while since we talked about our favorites accessories, hun? So, this week we have a selection that called our attention, Valentino and other brands are on the list!

Check the latest bags to buy during Spring with these versatile pieces you can match with any outfit.

The Weekend Shopping List

Weekend Shopping List!

Hey Posh readers, the weekend is calling for a holiday shopping and we got the latest from the editors! Check the fashion accessories for the season and our suggestion for any occasion!

Marni & Retrosuperfuture

Marni & Retro-superfuture

The latest capsule collection and collaboration between Marni and Retro-superfuture has been released and the contemporary and chunky acetate frames are the new trend of the season.

The eyewear collection is composed of eight new models from optical to sunglasses, made with the finest Italian materials.

With stylish color combinations ranging from earthy tons to burgundy, dark blue and classic Havana frames, the collection has an approach to contemporary designs and fashion style, making a perfect gift for the winter season and all year long.

See more images from the statement pieces in our gallery and shop similar collections HERE.

Pop Up Store St Barths

Dior in St Barths

DIOR has a special project to keep Le Cheval Blanc hotel in St-Barths busy during the holiday season with a Pop Up store inside the upscale resort set to attract a selected clientele from Mid December until beginning of March next year.

In charge of the project Maria Grazia Chiuri is bringing the iconic designs as well as accessories such as the Dior Book Tote and Dior Caro bags, displayed with the season’s motifs and colors, around a private pool overlooking the ocean in one of the most dreamy destination.

The pop-up store will display Dioriviera pieces and items from the cruise collection ready-to-wear 2022, alongside with leather goods, and souvenir items embroidered with the name of the island.

Dior is definitely promising a spa shopping experience to the most affluent travelers this season and if you are ready to indulge, here is our online suggestion.

Cyber Week

“Hello” posh readers, there is no better time to reward yourself for getting through another year.

For that reason, we have selected the best statement handbags and Fall shades you will need for the season. 

Because supplies are low this year you will need to act fast and get the editor’s approved shopping list in time for the holidays!