Just in time for another season—Hermès Beauty has launched a new lip line with fruity summer-colors.

With a variety of shades from coral, to peach, rouge, pink and rose, the new lip line is made with natural ingredients.

The collection was developed with a unique formula to boost hydration offering special scents to match each color.

To add more vibrancy to the product the lips are beautifully packed in a sleek clear glass bottle to feature each color, making easy to choose your favorite summer shade!

For perfect glossy lips Shop Hermès Beauty’s Hermèsistible Infused Lip Care Oil here.

Glitzy & Glam!

Glitzy & Glam!

Hey posh readers, today we are going to feature Mach&Mach, a brand known for its signature pumps, (cinderella style) that also makes gorgeous clothing lines, and cute accessories.

The fashion brand was founded in 2012 by the sisters: Nina and Gvantsa Macharashvili, designing dazzling and glitzy pieces embellished with delicate crystals with glamorous style.

The signature designs include — crystal bow pumps, glittery dresses, embellished handbags, and vintage necklaces indulging the “90s” with tasteful contemporary style and a touch of glamour.

To illustrate the brand we have selected a few pieces from the womenswear collection and accessories already available online!

Reve de Chanel

Reve De Chanel

Inspired by dreams and imagination the luxury beauty house of Chanel has recently launched a new makeup collection called Reve de Chanel.

The line is composed of multi effect eye shadow, long wear liquid liner, illuminating powder and liquid lips with shine and matte finishing.

To complement the makeup a perfect set of nail lacquer with gorgeous scheme color ranging from soft peach tones, to lavender and rose, creating a delicate shiny touch effect.

Indulge yourself this season and create your own makeup with a chic, natural, and delicate glow.

The Reve de Chanel is already available for purchases at the beauty counters and online.

Shop the collection here.

The Monogram Trend


Monogram Pattern

Hey posh readers we are seeing a growing trend in fashion accessories featuring monograms and today we got our eyes in one of our favorite brands!

The GG Monogram over canvas was recently presented by luxury house GUCCI decorating tables, walls, and cakes, as well as a convertible car, along with all the coveted pieces through the latest campaign.

The images were captured by fashion photographer Max Siedentopf, featuring modern accessories with classic sophistication, highlighting the GG monogram all over the scenes, blending everything from the floor to the ceiling with the signature pattern.

See a  glimpse of the Monogram GUCCI collection with courtesy images in our media gallery and discover more items at the e-boutique.

Balmain Hair Care & Accessories

Hair Care and Accessories for the Season!

Balmain has launched a special hair care and accessories for Spring/Summer inspired by the catwalk creations.

The limited edition collection is part of Balmain Hair Couture composed of accessories as hair band covered with leather, as well as clips and buckles made of premium Italian acetate, decorated with the B monogram in 18 carat gold.

In addition to hair accessories the line comes with a set of hair treatments in regular and travel size, also an adorable cosmetic bag featuring a duo of the best-selling products: the Moisturizing Hair Styling  and the Salt Spray among other summer set treatments.

To learn more about Balmain Hair care visit the e-boutique and indulge yourself with the best in hair treatments and accessories for this season.

Spring Editor's Choice

Choose your style and all things pretty for the Spring season anytime you want to make that fashion statement with the designers fashionistas are obsessed about it!

Dior Addict Relaunch

Dior handbag-inspired lip cases

The new Dior Addict lip line has just been relaunched and we are loving the catwalk-inspired cases featuring designs motifs of Dior’s leather bags.

Made in stunning shades with a shinny lip formula, all-day hydration, the new collection has also the benefit of a refillable package.

Already available at the beauty counters and online Dior’s Addict is definitely a fashion accessory and beauty must-have!

Ultimate Accessories

The accessories you want for the season!

Hey, posh readers, it’s been a while since we talked about our favorites accessories, hun? So, this week we have a selection that called our attention, Valentino and other brands are on the list!

Check the latest bags to buy during Spring with these versatile pieces you can match with any outfit.

The Weekend Shopping List

Weekend Shopping List!

Hey Posh readers, the weekend is calling for a holiday shopping and we got the latest from the editors! Check the fashion accessories for the season and our suggestion for any occasion!

La Pausa de Chanel

Chanel beauty launch For Spring Summer!

Hi posh readers, this week we were looking for more beauty launches before our pause for the weekend and we got our eyes on the La Pausa de Chanel, a radiant riviera-inspired make-up collection.
The new creations include a unique new version of the iconic Les Ombres with natural earthy colors, and to complement the collection a new, golden beige shade of the Ombre Premiere Laque, as well as two powder blushes, a highlighter stick, and two gorgeous new nail polishes that are just perfect for Spring or Summer!

The beauty line is available at Chanel boutiques and beauty counters and previous collections at the e-Shop.

Here is a glimpse of the collection with courtesy images from media sources.