When fashion meets beauty with the spirit of travel, we think about the latest collaboration of RIMOWA & Ong Shunmugam celebrating travel in style.

Fashionable travelers believe that style and quality should work together. So, to fill the needs of those with selected taste Rimowa decided to create its new collection, which is also inspired by the Asian culture.

The collection is composed by six-piece of Rimowa's cabin luggage with unique Ong Shunmugam designs.

Each designed luggage has a story of an Asian travel destination country such as China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Mongolia. Also, the India-inspired luggage interior fabric, was specially designed and sourced from India by Singapore digital illustrator Rizibë 

Ready for vacationing in style this holiday season? Alright, so check the colored pieces in our gallery and get to your destination in grand style! Need suggestions on how to pack your bag? Check the accessories and more cool stuff in our sponsor's e-store.