Porto is a must see hot spot during the summer. Known for its culinary and hotel scenes the Northern town is perfect for low profile travelers with a passion for the arts and cultural taste.

The Douro Valley

Douro Valley, is located in a short distance from Porto. It is a haven of natural beauty with ultra-hip hotels hidden in the vineyards. Also, it is a perfect place to visit, especially for wine lovers that wish to learn more about winemaking. The best place for enjoying sipping on the best European selections.

Six Senses headed to the Douro Valley.

A temple to relaxation with indoor and outdoor pools, sunbathing terrace, bar, and secluded outdoor dining. Spa guests can also try a range of fun activities that explore the hotel’s extensive woodland, such as tree climbing, and there are acres of space in the guest areas. In total there are just 50 rooms and six garden villas, all in a rustic-chic meets streamlined-modern style.

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto has become the most popular neighborhood for arty city dwellers in the past few years, making it the city's it-spot, with an intellectual vibe by day and a party atmosphere at night. Its little streets are worth a visit to the trendy hairdressers, young designer boutiques, and artists’ workshops.

Country's coastline, the Algarve can be the latest stop in the country with its many creeks, lagoons and famous orange cliffs that just make us dream of nature, sea as well as its many charming rural towns to see and explore. The region is a must for nature lovers who wants to escape the ordinary.