Fendi Pre-Fall 2015 Collection


Introducing the Fendi Pre-Fall 2015 Lookbook Collection. Geometric prints in coats and leather dresses are part of the Ready-To-Wear pieces. The collection features bright and bold colors, stripes, embellishments and orchid prints. Enjoy more pics below.

Fendi_002_1366 Fendi_003_1366 Fendi_004_1366 Fendi_005_1366 Fendi_007_1366 Fendi_008_1366 Fendi_010_1366 Fendi_012_1366 Fendi_013_1366 Fendi_015_1366 Fendi_016_1366 Fendi_019_1366 Fendi_021_1366 Fendi_024_1366 Fendi_025_1366 Fendi_028_1366 Fendi_029_1366 Fendi_030_1366 Fendi_033_1366 Fendi_034_1366 Fendi_037_1366 Fendi_038_1366 Fendi_039_1366