Fendi Posh Pom-pom

Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-28Well, you probably already know that here at poshbrazilian we love the colors and we could not leave behind the Fendi fur pompom party! In all colors and letters these pom-poms will make any basic bag pop like the best fashion accessory. Also, it is the perfect gift if you are thinking about the upcoming holidays! The bag charms come in faux fur, which bear the letter of your choice with a Fendi logo tag and can be used as a key ring or bag charm. Imagine all the possibilities you can come up with your furry friend! The charms in the collection are priced starting at $600 USD. Pom-poms and bag bugs now available at e-boutique

Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-3 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-8 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-10 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-11 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-25 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-22 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-6 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-9 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-26 Fendi-Furry-Alphabet-Charms-16