Say hello to the new Fendi Hypnoteyes Capsule collection. After Bag Bugs’ and ‘Fendi Faces’ take the fun to the next level, make sure to add the Hypnoteyes to your wish list, because this cute kind of emoji collection is promising to be the new IT bag and accessory for the season, putting a playful spin on the brand’s high-end investment pieces.

Designed in pastel and also in bright colors, the new sensation collection is adorned with studs and Furry details on bags, clutches, wallets, charms, and shoes – slippers.

Now, if you’re looking for “more than just a pretty face”, there’s a tech feature to the updated ‘Hypnodoll’ charm that you’ll just adore! – It not only adorn your handbag, but also, charges your cell phone. Amazing, Isn't it?  What else can you wish on a bag?

Enjoy the Campaign video and visit the e-store for more of Fendi fun delights!