Best of Burberry Pre Fall 2016

burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-004The Burberry Pre Fall has been revealed and the collection is based on a retro inspired silhouettes with high-waist pants, flared hemlines and ruffle decorated dresses. Christopher Bailey took the spring collection’s military inspired theme and continued to evolve the look with structured coats as well as jackets and trousers embellished with metal buttons. As the weather starts getting cold we are all about these outfits! See more from the collection below. burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-006 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-005 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-003 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-011 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-014 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-015 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-017 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-029 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-026 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-024 burberry-prorsum-pre-fall-2016-008