The new Hermèsisitble autumn-winter collection launched last year is all about prints and bright colors, so even if you and your friends are wearing the exact same dress, all you need, is just put on some Hermèsistible statement pieces whether it's a bracelet or necklace, it'll definitely elevate your look, making it unique and chic. 

Hermès accessories campaign Hermèsistible also illustrates a dictionary of moods like Compliclarity (a capacity for adding complexity in the search of a well-ordered life), Hyperstition (being spellbound to the point of indecision) and Bijourmandise (insatiable appetite for the perfect fashion jewelry). There we go, brand new words created for future trends.

So, to get you started with Hermèsistible... Here are some of the Hermèsistible jewelry and accessories from the autumn-winter 2016. Scroll down to enjoy.. 🙂